Isole Eolie walking

Isole Eolie

The Aeolian Islands, 7 daughters of Mother Earth born one million years ago that still preserve the fire of their volcanic nature. 

From the luxuriance of the vegetation and mountain tops of Salina, to the hills of Lipari, the colorful smoking volcano of Vulcano; from the elegance of Panarea that reveals its beauty far from the peak season, to the impetuous Stromboli…and the unexplored labyrinth of century-old donkey paths that lead to dreams under the sun and moon in the land of Filicudi and Alicudi…….only by walking and walking.

The primordial and uncontaminated inlets, that you can reach from the mountain or by the sea, the sea bottom that discloses Mediterranean colors which are always transparent, the colors of the sunrise and the sunset, and every single detail offer unforgettable memories and pictures of a unique tour.

One day walkings:

Lipari, the biggest one, 37km2 surface. From Milazzo 1.15h by hydrofoil.

Panoramic walking among the hills of the island offering a breathtaking view over the rest of the archipelago. Typical lunch with fresh fish*. Tour of the island by motorcycle or mehari or boat*. Wine tasting at a cellar*.

Salina, the green one, 24km2 surface. From Milazzo 1.30h by hydrofoil.

Its central position protects it and lets the vegetation explode and the Malvasia grape grow to the best. Salina is more and more elegant while you explore it. It offers panoramic walkings of different levels of difficulty including Pollara, Lingua, Leni and the mountain tops of Fossa Felci and Monte dei Porri.

Typical lunch*. Malvasia wine tasting at a cellar*. Sunset in Pollara* or Lingua. Car or motorcycle rental*, tour of the island by car, motorcycle or boat*.

Vulcano, the closest one, 20km2 surface. From Milazzo 45 minutes by hydrofoil.

This is the island of black sand and sulphur smell. The volcanic imprinting of its sulfuric smokes has marked it forever. Very suggestive the view from Vulcanello, the monster valley, over the strip of sea that separates it from Lipari. Walking up the volcano top (386 m. a.s.l.), is not that difficult.

Typical lunch at Gelso bay (west side) coming back from land or by boat or in villa*. Local cheese tasting*. Thermal bath pools*. Tour of the island by boat*.

With a 2-day tour you can include:

Filicudi, the far west. 9 km2 surface.

You can walk one week in Filicudi and never get bored. From Fossa Felci, 774 m a.s.l. to the abandoned village of Zucco Grande, the prehistoric village of Capo Graziano with its Mycenaean altar, and more and more towards the west side where no water or electricity exist but just uncontaminated waters and beautiful houses under the real stars. All this walking on century-old donkey paths watching the sea.

Typical lunch on private terraces or natural caves*. Tour of the island by motorcycle, car or boat*. Night totani fishing*. Scuba diving and snorkeling*. Thai massages*.

Alicudi, the further west. 5 km2 surface.

The island of steps. Transportation on the island is by donkey only or by legs. A jewel in the middle of the Mediterranean sea that changes its bottom between green, blue and gold. Houses and walking distances are measured by steps: 500, 800, 1700…..among donkey paths. Reaching the west side is like exploring Ireland.

*Typical lunch on a private terrace. *tour of the island by boat. *Night totani fishing.

*Hydrofoils. *Possibility of private transfers.

Stromboli is a treasure of black sand. Its inlets look like the paths of an ancient labyrinth and all take to the volcano. Its energy gives the rhythm to the staying. it is magnetic. it is always active. it is Stromboli....and Ginostra, the eight island. 
If you want to have a guided tour of the volcano, it is necessary to take a specific guide (extra 28 euro)

* extras


For all walkings wear trekking shoes, bring a rucksack with water, a shirt, k-way, hat. During summer sun screen.

Walkings may change or cancelled if the guide deems it dangerous due to weather conditions.

A naturalist guide is not a tourist one and cannot guide you inside museums, archeological or monumental areas. 

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