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Isole Eolie

The Aeolian Islands, 7 daughters of Mother Earth born one million years ago that still preserve the fire of their volcanic nature. 

From the luxuriance of the vegetation and mountain tops of Salina, to the hills of Lipari, the colorful smoking volcano of Vulcano; from the elegance of Panarea that reveals its beauty far from the peak season, to the impetuous Stromboli…and the unexplored labyrinth of century-old donkey paths that lead to dreams under the sun and moon in the land of Filicudi and Alicudi…….only by walking and walking.

The primordial and uncontaminated inlets, that you can reach from the mountain or by the sea, the sea bottom that discloses Mediterranean colors which are always transparent, the colors of the sunrise and the sunset, and every single detail offer unforgettable memories and pictures of a unique tour.

Walk with us and discover 6 sisters: Lipari, the biggest one, offers a breathtaking view over the archipelago from the hills; Salina, 1.30h from Milazzo, known as the green island, is rife with vegetation and Malvasia vineyards. Elegant since the arrival, it offers panoramic excursions of varying difficulty, from the hilly one to Pollara, Lingua, Leni, to the more challenging one to Fossa Felci; Vulcano, the closest one to Milazzo, island of the black sand and the smell of sulphur, offers the ascent of the Volcano della Fossa (386 m amsl), but it also offers walking through the Valley of Monsters and Vulcanello, and the possibility to take a thermal bath in the sulphurous areas of the island; Filicudi, which seems small, but it isn't: from Fossa Felci to the abandoned village, only occasionally inhabited by an Afghan princess from Zucco Grande, to the prehistoric village of Capo Graziano and that of Filo Braccio. Or simply walking the island for it's centenary donkey paths, all overlooking the sea; Alicudi, the island made up of stairs, where the distances and the houses are measured by steps and the groceries are carried up with the help of the mules. You can get to 500, 800 or 1700 steps with interludes along the donkey paths, go up on the one side and go down on another; Stromboli, a casket of black sand, with inlets that look like the paths of an ancient labyrinth and streets that lead to the volcano, whose magnetic energy gives rhythm to the permanence. Discover them all by walking with us!

NOTE: If you want to have a guided tour of the volcano, it is necessary to take a specific guide (extra 28 euro).

Outdoor activities in Sicily (Isole Eolie)
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