Giri di Palermo in bicicletta


Palermo by bike tour – Enjoy Palemo on two wheels! For an unforgettable experience, and to have some fun getting to know the city, don't miss out our bicycle tour of Palermo.

The Palermo by bike tour is very unique in combining motion, architecture, food and culture. The tour is usually tailored on specific needs and interests of our guests, but the general structure of the trip is an easy and circular bike-ride that starts from the large Liberty avenues, passes through the narrow streets of the old town and continues along the bike-paths at the seafront.
During the ride our guests will be able to see unconventional streets and yards, to get to know more about Sicilian lifestyles and to taste traditional food. The Palermo bike tour is the best way to discover the countless souls of the city and to enjoy Palermo in a dynamic and sustainable way.


Four itineraries:


1. Bike Tour of the old city and downtown: the tour will conduct the tourists through the small alleys and main streets of Palermo downtown and old city by telling in an interactive way the history of squares, old buildings, markets and people that animate the city. The itinerary will unveil the various souls of Palermo: the stories, the charme, the scents and tastes, the miths and legends. The tour by bike will follow this route: Via Libertà, Via Ruggero Settimo, Capo market, Ballarò market, Jewish ghetto, Vucciria, Rione degli Spersi, Kalsa, Foro italico, Cala. By walk the tour will follow a different route according to the tourist preferences.


2. Bike Tour of old and new artcrafts of Palermo Old City: the tour conduct the tourist to discover the many traditional and new artcraft shop of Palermo Old City. The tourists are conducted inside the ateliers and old shops that still keeps alive the artcraft tradition by renewing and adjusting it to contemporaneity. The tourists will meet the artisans that will explain the techniques adopted and will show the process of making of the product;


3. Tour at the seaside (Village of Mondello): the tour will drive tourists to discover the village of Mondello where the white sand and the clear water will accompany thetelling of the history and stories of the village, of his traditions and transformations that influenced the relationships between the sea and the inhabitants of Palermo.


4. Bike Tour Street Art: the tour shows and tell the life the old city by adopting street art as point of view. The tour by walk starts from Kalsa neighbourhood, goes through Ballarò and ends up at the Vucciria market. The tour by bike explores the following neighbourhoods: Albergheria, Kalsa, La Loggia, Borgo Vecchio. During the tour the guide will show the many graffiti of Palermo and will talk about the meaning of graffiti, the life of the authors, the relationship of the opera with city.

The 3-hour bike tour starts every day at 9:00 and 16:00.

Rates per person:
1 person: 85 euro;
2 persons: 100 euro;
3 persons: 115 euro;
4 or more persons: 35 euro/person.

Tour by bike in Sicily (Palermo)
Duration: 3 - Rates: 85

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