Il tempio di Isravele a Capo Gallo

Capo Gallo natural reserve

The temple of  Isravele the hermit rises on the summit of Monte Gallo. It is a place surrounded by deep silence, caressed by the wind, secluded from noise and any trace of the (in)civility of Palermo.

The sanctuary can be reached simply by crossing the natural reserve of Capo Gallo through a pathway, often called "The holy way" by the very Israele. It leads to the solitary masterpiece created by a “workman of God”, liberating the visitor from the ugliness of some illegal buildings built along the way. Israele built the temple within sixteen years, alone and with poor materials, transforming an abandoned building into a majestic temple. A mysterious and evocative place that should not be missed.This rare and unusual tour combines trekking and aesthetic experience, nature and art. It also provides the possibility to learn more about outsider art, a hidden art made by “non-artists”, that ultimately springs from the the powerful feeling of urgency of creation.

Prices pp:  1 pax €120, 2 pax €60, 3-5 pax €40, 6-9 pax €35, > 10 €20

Alternative Tours In Sicily (Capo Gallo natural reserve)
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