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Maredolce Castle and Mandarinarte (Ciaculli)

 The Arab-Norman Palace of Favara, also known as Castle of Maredolce, is located south-east of Palermo just outside the city. 

 The Palace of Favara, also known as Castle of Maredolce, is located south-east of Palermo just outside the city, between Mount Grifone (832 m) and the sea, at the end of the Palermo plain and the beginning of the territories of Ciaculli – Croce Verde. 

The site, before the construction of the Albehira (from Buhayra = lake) and the Norman building, was naturally a wetland, fed by the water coming from Mount Grifone. 
The castle of Favara considerable importance is not only for its architectural features, but also for its historical significance. There are several theories about the time of its construction. Some believe that the Castle was built on an existing building; others believe it was built in the Arab period under the Emir Kalbita Giafar; others that the Castle was built in the Norman period; still others believe that the Castle is Arab while the lake is Norman. The Castle of Favara, while retaining hints of Byzantine and Arabic styles, also acquired the structural characteristic pre-existing in Sicily and also features some peculiar ones. The building has a rectangular shape with a curve in the east side. 
It was washed by the waters of the lake on three sides. Described with great admiration by the chroniclers of the time, the Castle of Maredolce is an example of the Islamic culture that prevailed in Sicily between the late tenth and early eleventh century, thanks to the Emir kalbita Gia'far (998 -1024), who built the Palace of Fawwarah. 
The Castle of Maredolce follows a pattern of great Islamic purity, in which the compact walls of the Palace, the plant, built around a central courtyard, the windows and the presence of water and gardens above all, fully responds to the typically Fatimid style. 
2) Lunch and visit at Mandarinarte: 
Mandarinarte is a project with two objectives: to create an area of social utility within a site confiscated from the mafia in Ciaculli, and to become a permanent and tangible symbol of dynamism, creativity and legality. 
The confiscated property is located in a predominantly agricultural area not far from the village of Ciaculli. This area also includes that of Croceverde-Giardina, and the neighborhoods of Brancaccio, Oreto Nuova, Settecannoli and Sperone. The territory extends to the south of the city and lies between Mount Grifone and the sea. 
Break (at Mandarinarte): 
During the visit to the citrus grove, surrounded by the scents of orange blossom and citrus fruits, in a friendly environment, you will be served a meal.

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