Degustazioni di vino a Palermo / Wine Tasting in Palermo


Try our Wine tastings in Palermo City Centre. Discover local wines accompanied by a selection of local products in some of the best enotecas in Palermo city centre.

 Rates: Tasting of 4 local wines accompanied by a selection of local products.

20 € wine tasting; 26 € wine tasting and aperitivo (4 wines, olives, bread, extra-virgin olive oil, grissini...); 35 € wine tasting and light lunch (2 wines, aperitivo, main course)

Additional wines can be selected from the shelves and included in the tasting (at winery list prices, with a discount).

wine tastings in Palermo and wine tours in Sicily (Palermo)
Duration: 2 h - Rates: 20-35

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