Il patrimonio arabo-normanno di Palermo (un passaggio per la Sicilia)


Palermo’s Arabo-Norman Heritage

The Arab and the Norman periods are two significant highlights in the history of Palermo. Under Arab domination, Palermo was considered one of the most beautiful cities of the Arab world, rivaling with Bagdad...

Under the Normans, Sicily became, for the first time, an independent and powerful kingdom. The Norman kings established an efficient administration, and the prestige of the island shined far beyond the Messina Detroit. They established Palermo as their capital and embellished it. Respectful of existing cultures, in particular Arabic but also Jewish, Greek and Roman, they called on their artistic heritage for the construction and decoration of some of Palermo’s most splendid edifices. In this itinerary (by the association Passage to Sicily), you will discover Palermo’s Arabo-Norman treasures, which are a living testimony of the convergence of Western and Eastern architectural and decorative traditions. This tour is organized in cooperation with Passage to Sicily.


9.15 Meeting in Piazza Bellini in front of the Church of the Martorana (S. Maria dell’Ammiraglia)
9.30-10.15 Visit of the Martorana and S. Cataldo
10.30-11.00 Visit of the Cathedral
11.00-11.30 Coffee break
11.50-13.00 Visit of the Royal Palace and the Palatine Chapel


Rates are per person, and are based on the number of participants in the party:
2 pax €140 - 3 pax €100 - 4 pax €75 - 5 pax €65 - 6 pax €55 - 7 pax €55 - 8 pax €50


Cultural guided tours (Palermo)
Duration: 3 - Rates: 140

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