Rossomanno, il profumo della storia nel polmone verde degli Erei

Riserva naturale di Rossomanno, Grottascura e Bellia

Trekking by donkey or on foot in the Rossomanno Grottascura and Bellia natural reserve, between ancient ruins and woods hundreds of years old.

Along the way you find yourself in an environment where man has always lived in close contact with nature, often transforming it and thus shaping it into how it is today. You can see the remains of the city of Rossomanno, the necropolis and the prehistoric village, the square used for public meetings and the village from the Hellenistic period, the small Byzantine church, the castle “castellaccio” Uberti (named by the lords who ruled here in the Middle Ages) and the hermitage of "cunvintazzu", which was in use until the end of the 1800s. The archaeological site is on top of an impressive range of hills with breathtaking views over the plain of Catania to the sea. The valley below is covered with a lush forest, mostly of eucalyptus and pine trees due to reforestation, but you can still see remnants of the old forest with oak and chestnut trees. For those who are able there is a tricky route to the Enchanted Stones, the small Stonehenge of the Erei mountains, and another through the woods of Grottascura and Bellia up to Aidone.

1-2 pax = €80pp, 3-5 pax €60 pp, over 6 pax €30 pp

Outdoor activities in Sicily (Riserva naturale di Rossomanno, Grottascura e Bellia)
Duration: 5-8 h - Rates: 80

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