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Parco Minerario di Floristella e Grottacalda

Take a tour through the Minerery Natural park of Floristella and Grottacalda, discover the woods, the structural remnants of the sulfur mine and the Pennisi Palace Museum

The Floristella mining complex is one of the most significant settlements of the industrial era in southern Italy, and is surrounded by green woods. Today you can still visit the wells, ovens, furnaces and tunnels where you might imagine to hear echos of the voices of the carusi (child miners), the main characters of the intense and tragic story of the Yellow Gold, sulfur. Almost entirely open to the public, Pennisi Palace was the residence of the family who owned the mine and which now houses the Workers Museum. After a visit to the mine, the tour continues through the woods of Floristella to the mining village of Grottacalda.

1-2 pax =€80 pp, 3-5 pax €60 pp, more : €30 pp

Outdoor activities in Sicily (Parco Minerario di Floristella e Grottacalda)
Duration: 5-8 h - Rates: 80

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