Enna a cavallo!


Our partners SicilyErei and their professional guides organize a unique experience: a visit to the province of Enna on horseback, an opportunity to enjoy the landscape and some rather unusual, and surprising perspectives. 

The province of Enna is dotted with small towns built on the peak of a mountain, and it offers from all sides the breathtaking spectacle of a "sea of earth". This literary definition describes the vastness of land and the landscape which is comparable to that of the sea, disappearing into the horizon. At one time the composition of this mountainous territory favoured the development of cities perched on the mountain tops, where the most important factor was the ability to dominate from above, having various points from which to control the surrounding cities and the “sea of earth” below. Curving along the mountain ridges are routes wedged into the natural landscape. Riding a horse along these ridges is a unique opportunity to intimately grasp their nature and to discover the true fabric of this little-known terrain, its colors and the richness of the earth, until your gaze gets lost towards to sea, a spectacle that you can only imagine from here.

The routes continue along the "Regie trazzere", these were born as passageways for moving flocks and herds and then slowly became routes of communication between the city and the rest of the island. Following these trails on horseback recalls an atmosphere of the past, when horses were the only means of transportation, taking a time out from the frenzy of today with no impact on the environment and with the ability to penetrate the depths of the valleys to the highest peaks of the Erei mountains.

The day will be accompanied with a picnic lunch by the organization staff. You can taste local products such as typical bread, Piacentino DOP cheese, traditional vegetable frittata and last but not least, the sweet ricotta cassatelle from Agira

Pergusa e Cozzo Matrice - easy
Valguarnera e Rossomanno – easy
Borgo Cascino - medium
Lago Nicoletti - medium
Parco dell’Altesina – medium

Outdoor activities in Sicily (Enna)
Duration: One day (around 8 h) - Rates: 100

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