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Wal with a local in Palermo!  Palermo Orienteering Tour is a wonderful walking tour through the streets of the old city, together with one of us, VisitPalermo staff.



Palermo Orienteering Tour is a wonderful walking tour through the streets of the old city, together with one of us, VisitPalermo staff.

The tour is a walk of about 2 hours and it is a perfect first approach to the city, that will give you an idea of its web of alleys, so that you will be ready to explore it in peace on your own...

Palermo Orienteering tour is an orientation tour through alleys and squares of the historical centre, in company of people who were born in the city and that will therefore explain you its authentic soul and contradictions.
The tour will show some places considered “fetish” by the true Palermitano DOC (including markets, bars, trattorie, taverns and shops frequented by the locals) and will help you avoid the tourist traps!

Palermo Orienteering is an alternative way to explore the city, both if you are staying only a few hours and if you are able to visit for longer. At the end of the tour, Palermo will still have secrets for you, but definitely less than at the beginning of the walk!

An example of a tour: from Via Alloro and around, visiting the Kalsa district, once among the most degraded, and today epicenter of a process of urban renewal, with restored buildings and new cultural spaces. Continuing along the axes of the Via Maqueda and Via Vittorio Emanuele where all the most famous monuments are located (the Cathedral, the Church of Martorana, Piazza Pretoria, but also Porta Nuova and the Norman Palace or, towards the sea, Piazza Marina). Cross via Roma, then Via Maqueda (maybe passing through to the old street of the tinkers, via Calderai, and the close-by small Jewish quarter) and via Ponticello which leads to the market Ballarò, near Piazza Bologni. Once at the market, we can get to Piazza del Carmine, or turn right towards Via Vittorio Emanuele and via Montevergini. Every now and then, we can go out of the principal axes and walk through the historical markets, taking via del Celso, one of the parts of the old town still not involved in the restructuring process, until we reach the Massimo Theatre. So we'll have to walk quite a bit, but eventually you'll get an idea...

The tour is not a art or history guided tour, and the guide is not necessarily a licensed tour guide. The tour therefore doesn't include visits to churches and monuments. Of course you can enter a church if you feel like it, but your guide will be waiting outside.
We are not tourist guides, but simple people in love with this crazy city. If you are interested in a guided tour of Palermo's art ans history, contact us and we will arrange for you one of our tours with official tourist guides, in all languages!

Minimum two people.

Live like a local in Sicily (Palermo)
Duration: 2,5 h - Rates: 42.70

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