Street food tour invernale


The Streaty Palermo winter tour (October-May) is a walking tour through the main squares and street markets of the city center that allows travellers sample the best Palermitan street food. Along the walk participants enter places hung out only by real Sicilians, such as bakeries and old inns.

The Foodie's Passport
At the meeting point every participant receives his personal Passaporto del Mangione! [Trans. The Foodie's Passport], a special souvenir offered by StreatyPalermo. After every sample foodies will be granted with the official Streaty Palermo tour stamp on their Passport. This unique souvenir, created by Marco Romeo, is protected by copyright.


Palermo street food

A relaxing 4 hour walk through the main squares, markets and monuments of the city center to taste the best palermitan street food. A perfect combination of food, art, history and culture.

We recommend wear comfortable shoes, walking on heels can be tricky on rainy days.


Private tours rates:

1 person: € 110

2 people: € 150

3 people: € 180

4 people: € 220

5 people: € 240

6 people: € 270

7 people: € 294

8 to 12 : € 39 pp

food experience in Sicily (Palermo)
Duration: 4h - Rates: 39

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